Emergency information

Emergency issues in Wheatherstone concern preparedness and water turn-off.

Emergency preparedness

Coordinator needed for preparing residents in case of such emergencies as earthquakes, flooding, and fires.

We are also looking for other volunteers trained in CERT.

Contact Linda Adlard - chair@wheatherstone.org to volunteer.

Water turn-off

Main water valves

There are Lake Oswego shut-off valves at various areas of the Wheatherstone streets. Only offical city workers are allowed to turn off these water values.

Sprinker system control

Emergency turn-off valves for the sprinkler system are located toward the front of unit #2 on the East side. They are near the large tree and the fence.

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Shut-off valve container

Timers for the Wheatherstone sprinkler system are on the back corner of unit #2.