Landscaping information

Landscaping and grounds maintenance of Wheatherstone is necessary to maintain the beauty and value of the community.

The Landscaping Director: Vic Goodman - can provide Request forms concerning landscaping issues.

General Common Elements

The Wheatherstone community consists of landscaped lawn and ivy-covered areas, as well as numerous flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees. There are also small areas in the front or rear of homes that include small plants and bushes. These are considered General Common Areas (Declaration Article IV 4.1) and are maintained by the Wheatherstone Property Owners Association.

Homeowner Responsibility

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their own plants in the Limited Common Area of their homes, which includes front decks, patios and walkways between garages or homes (Declaration Article IV 4.2), as well as their own back yards, including trees and plants, decks, patios, and fences.


Our trees are important to the beauty and value of Wheatherstone, so their continued health is a priority. Northwest Tree Specialists have been contracted to maintain the health of the Wheatherstone trees on General Common Areas, including fertilization and pruning, and removal if necessary.

General Landscape Maintenance

Jon Sorensen of JSL mows the lawn, cleans up leaves and debris, and trims shrubs on a weekly basis.

Wheatherstone Planting Plan 2016


In the summer, the common areas are watered during the early morning hours, controlled by automatic timers.


Wheatherstone streets are private and part of the General Common Elements. We own and maintain the streets and drains.

During winter storms, the City of Lake Oswego is not obligated to plow our streets, so it is WPOA's responsibility to contract that service if needed.

The city maintains the fire hydrants and paints them each year.