Maintenance information

Maintenance of the Wheatherstone community by WPOA includes painting the exteriors of the buildings on a regular schedule, repairing damage to the outside of homes from natural causes, repairing or replacing sidewalks or driveways, maintaining chimney exteriors, and maintaining the roofs of the units.

Contact Maintenance Director: Jerry Roberts -

Maintenance Director duties

The duties of the Maintenance Director are to budget for and manage the preventive maintenance and necessary repairs of the buildings. This also includes responding to Maintenance Requests from a homeowner, checking the problem, and then hiring a contractor to make repairs once the Board has approved the expenditure.

Maintenance Request Form

You can download a Wheatherstone Maintenance Request form (MS Word or PDF) to submit to the Maintenance Director or use the Affinity Group Portal.

If there are problems you see that relate to Mountain Park areas, outside of Wheatherstone, you can use the Mt. Park Work Request or contact Mt. Park at 503-635-3561.


Responsibilities Matrix

WPOA and Homeowner Responsibilities Matrix

Field Observation Report

Consulants checked over Wheatherstone units in June 2016 to report on areas where repairs are needed.

The J2 Field Observation Report lists the problem areas and states whether WPOA or the homeowner is responsible.

Limited Common Area Repairs

As per the WPOA Declaration (Article VIII - 8.1, 8.3 and 8.4), homeowners are responsible to keep the interior of their homes in good repair, including electrical and plumbing systems, garages, and sidewalks in the Limited Common Areas.

Homeowner modifications to the limited common areas of their homes must be approved by the Board.

Common Area Repairs

As per the WPOA Declaration (Article VIII - 8.2), the Association has the duty to maintain, repair and replace general common elements.

If your home needs external repair, or if you see something in the common areas that needs repair, please complete a Maintenance Request form (MS Word or PDF) and send it to the Maintenance Director.

Homeowner modifications to the exterior of their homes must be approved by the Board and will not be maintained as common elements. In other words, repairs needed from external work that was done by homeowners and not part of the original construction are the responsibility of the homeowner and not the association.

Rain Gutters

Leaves and debris are cleaned from the rain gutters on a regular basis. Also, at the bottom of each drain spout, there is a leaf catcher that must be cleaned by the homeowner.

See Leaf Catcher Screen Cleaning Procedure for more information.

Street Lights

There are street lights between most homes. New light fixtures were installed September 2023.

The following homes have sensors on the poles to turn the lights on or off according to light conditions:

2, 4, 6, 12, 16, 20, 24, 26, 32. 36, 40, 42, 60, 66, 70, 72, 76, 82, 84, 90, 94

Painting Schedule

Homeowners can select colors for their homes from an approved list of colors.

Contact the Maintenance Director for the painting schedule.

Water Supply to Homes

There is a water meter and shut-off valve under a metal plate near the curb in front or back of each home. Homeowners can shut off water to their homes in case of emergency.

Street Repairs

Wheatherstone streets were last sealcoated in 2003. A street repair consultant examined our streets and gave the following report: 2014 Street Repair Study.

Various areas of the curb were replaced and the streets were repaved in August 2015.