Wheatherstone Bylaws, Declarations, and Resolutions

The following are links to Wheatherstone Property Owners Association (WPOA) Bylaws, Declarations, Amendments, Resolutions, and Maps. Unless stated, they are all PDF files.

WPOA Bylaws and Amendment

WPOA Bylaws 1972 (Recorded County Records 72-11495)

WPOA Amended Bylaws 2005 - (Recorded County Records 2005-114298)

WPOA Declaration and Amendments

WPOA Declaration: First Final 2-28-72 (Recorded County Records 72-11495)

WPOA Declaration: Second Final 4-26-72 (Recorded County Records 72-32469)

WPOA Amended Declaration 4-19-79 (Recorded County Records 79-52039)

WPOA Amended Declaration 10-14-05 - (Recorded County Records 2005-102195)

2016 Amended and Restated Declaration (Recorded County Records 2017-008659)


Special Resolution to Borrow Funds from Reserves - September 2013

Open Flame Resolution - October 2013

Purchasing Protocol - July 2014

Architectural Review Policy and Procedures V2.0 - November 2014

Collection of Unpaid Assessments - November 2014

Ammendment to Collection of Unpaid Assessments - 2019

Official maps of Wheatherstone

Exhibit B - 1972 map of the Wheatherstone complex (New, digital version of map)

Exhibit B - Old photocopy of 1972 map

Wheatherstone street layout map

Wheatherstone irrigation map