Wheatherstone history

1968 - Mountain Park started

Master builder and visionary, Carl Halvorson, broke ground on Mountain Park in 1968 with the idea of creating a modern urban community that supported the well-being of residents – one that provided a sense of community by design and offered a rich array of amenities to support a healthy lifestyle.

Previously, the area had a number of horse trails. A horse barn was located at the Mt. Park Church facility.

1971 - Wheatherstone built

Wheatherstone was built in 1971-1972. It was one of the first townhome complexes in Mountain Park. It was considered a "high end" groups of homes.

1973 - Protest about Kerr Parkway

A homeowner protested to the Multnomah County Public Works about the proposed development of Kerr Parkway, a secondary country road, through Mountain Park. He felt it would destroy the area. (How times have changed!)

Letter protesting development of Kerr Parkway

1979 - Famous first residents

Some of the first residents included a professional golfer and Portland Blazer basketball player.

1999 - Gas street lights replaced

The street lights were originally gas flames. In 1999, they were converted to electric lights, which were less expensive to operate.

2002 - New roofs installed

New roofs were installed in 2002 at a cost of approximately $7000 per homeowner.

2003 - Roads seal-coated

In June 2003, all Wheatherstone roadways were seal-coated to minimize damage caused by faulty repaving.

Letter on sealing roads

2008 - Storm drain replacement

In 2008, we replaced the storm drains near the corner of Wheatherstone Court and Wheatherstone Street at a cost of about $10,000. Roots from the tree across the street had plugged the drain. The tree was also removed.

2011 - New trees and rain gutters

The trees that had been originally planted were the wrong type for the area and were compromising sidewalks and driveways. Those trees were removed and replaced with better types of trees in 2011.

New rain gutters were installed in 2011.

2012 - Improper ballots

The Annual Metering to elect board members had to be rescheduled because pre-marked ballots had been sent out to homeowners.

2014 - Electric eyes for lights

Previously, the street lights were controlled by timers in every other garage. It was the responsibility of the homeowners to set the timers, according to the length of the days. In December 2014, electric eyes were installed in the lamp posts, automating the system.

Likewise, two timers for the sidewalk lights had electric eyes installed, eliminating the need to adjust their timers.

2015 - Streets repaved

All of the Wheatherstone streets were repaved and sealed. Also, a number of driveways were replace.

Wheatherstone signs at the entrance were by new brass-colored signs. One sign is lit with LED spotlights. Electricity for the lights is provided by the Tanglewood condo association.

2016 - New sidewalk lights

Sidewalk lights were replaced with brighter LED lights. This also reduces the electricity costs for lighting the sidewalks. Spotlights on two trees were also replaced. They had been out for several years.